Excellence and happiness for all

Our vision and ethos

Information about our vision, ethos and a link to our Home-School Agreement

Vision: Excellence and happiness for all

We aim for our children to be caring, independent and responsible individuals, who are safe, happy and healthy. We will work in partnership with the child, home and community to provide encouragement and opportunities, emphasising the pursuit of excellence.

Ethos: To respect every individual.

  • In this environment, respect is given to everyone who works in the school.
  • Each child is expected to do their best, at the level appropriate to their needs.
  • No child is better or worse: each child brings their best to the task and is encouraged to respect that fact.
  • High self-esteem is encouraged in all pupils.
  • Praise is given for excellence at the level of individual achievement, not on a comparative measure against others.
  • Individual needs and their identification are part of the whole school curriculum policy.


  • We will create an environment where children feel safe, valued and engaged.
  • We aim for the highest level of academic achievement, as measured by Key Stage results and other relevant data.
  • We treat everyone as equal, and treasure the diversity amidst our children, parents, staff and the whole community.
  • We monitor our finances carefully, and invest wisely for the future.
  • We aim for excellence with all our children, and will ensure that vulnerable children and those with special educational needs receive the support they require.
  • We will communicate openly and directly with everyone interested in the school, and will play a key role in the community.
  • We will encourage children to think for themselves, enjoy all forms of creativity and develop a life-long love of learning.
  • We will engage parents as partners, and work closely together in the development of our children.

Home-School Agreement:

A Home-School Agreement is a way of communicating our vision and ethos with parents. We believe this is done most effectively when all staff, parents and children understand their responsibilties, working towards common goals as detailed in our Home-School Agreement.