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Year 6

Year 6 Class Teachers are Miss Dodgson and Mr Marshall.

We are supported in class by Mrs Hannam and Mr Latty. If you need to speak with us, you can leave a message in your child’s Home School Book or send a Dojo message to us so we can organise a time to meet. We believe we have the best topics in school. Although we work hard to prepare for SATS, our learning is carried out through fun cross-curricular activities. In Autumn the classroom is invaded by the Saxons and Vikings. We also study the development of twentieth century entertainment.
In Spring, our classrooms are turned into Spy Academies whilst later in the year we learn about the Ancient Egyptians.

Year 6 Long Term Plan (76kB)

Curriculum Overview


Year 6 Events (307kB)

Selection of Year 6 events that have taken place this year.


Latest News for Year 6

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Information regarding applying for a high school place.

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Parents Collecting Other People’s Children

Updated guidance regarding collecting other people's children.

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Changes to drop off procedures

Updated dropping off procedures

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FAQs For Parents

Update for school re-opening