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Year 3

The Year 3 Class Teachers are Mrs Haslam, Mrs Aslam and Mrs Riley.


Mrs Haslam/Mrs Aslam and Mrs Riley teach in Year 3. We are supported in the classroom by GTAs and ATAs.
Our doors are open in the morning from 8:40am to 8:50am. We are also available on the door at the end of the day to handover the children safely to whoever is picking them up. If you need to discuss anything or arrange an appointment, please feel free to catch us there or send a message via Class Dojo.

Year 3 Curriculum

We cover the National Curriculum 2014 objectives and have several cross curricular themes throughout the year. To enhance our learning within these themes, we have visitors in school and also take the children on at least one educational visit.

  • Autumn 1: The Terrible Tudors
  • Autumn 2: Terrible Tudors
  • Spring 1: The Iron Man
  • Spring 2: Earth Explorers
  • Summer 1: Where’s the Bear?
  • Summer 2: Stone Age to Iron Age

Year 3 Learning Overview (124kB)

Showing curriculum coverage throughout the year

Year 3 Term Themes (260kB)

Look at what we have been learning throughout the year


At the start of each theme, children will bring home a choice of homework activities which they can select from to complete over the half term.

Superhero Maths Targets are sent home to practise and tested in school every three weeks.

Children will also bring home weekly spellings and reading books which we encourage them to read as much as possible so they can change them regularly.

Maths Targets

Effective understanding and recall of times tables is an important foundation of Maths and the curriculum puts emphasis on these skills. In order to help ensure this happens, we are using Superhero Targets to build on the children’s rapid recall of their tables facts. Children are introduced to the Superhero Targets in Year Three and they continue to work through them throughout Key Stage Two. The levels are:

Superhero Tables Facts
Batman x2 x5 x10
Hawk Girl x3 x4
Thor x6 x7 x8
Black Widow x9 x11 x12
Superman All with division
Catwoman All with place value – HTU and tenths
Ironman 2 digits x 1 digit
Wonder Woman Fractions, decimals and percentages of quantities

English Targets

The children have individual writing targets to work on and these are recorded on their target cards. Their targets are changed regularly as the children meet them in their writing. Please speak to your children at home about the targets they are working on.

Latest News for Year 3

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Year 3 Multisports Club

Please return the form by Tuesday 9am if you would like your child to be considered for a place.

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