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Parents Collecting Other People’s Children

Posted 11th September 2020

Updated guidance regarding collecting other people's children.

We have been asked a couple of times whether parents are allowed to pick up other people’s children from school. This isn’t specifically mentioned in the school guidance, therefore we are using the general government guidance;
ensure a social distance of 2m from anyone that doesn’t live in your household or isn’t in a support bubble with you.

The except to this however is noted below:

“It may not always be possible or practicable to maintain social distancing when providing care to a young child, or person with a disability or health condition. You should still limit close contact as much as possible when providing these types of care, and take other precautions such as washing hands and opening windows for ventilation.”


If you know the day before that your child is going home with someone else, please send a message to your teachers via Tapestry or Dojo, otherwise please call the office and speak to a member of staff. Unfortunately, teachers are not always able to access their messages during the day.