East Barnby 2016

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Tuesday 27th September

The children have settled in well to East Barnby life and we have had a very fun-packed couple of days.  Children have participated in a range of activities: body boarding, orienteering, climbing, den making and bushcraft skills and beck scrambling.  Although the children have got wet and a little cold a times, they are all really enjoying themselves and having an amazing time!  The teachers have been really impressed with how some of the children have pushed themselves in some of the activities which they have found challenging. 



Thursday 27th September

We can't believe we have come to the end of our last full day at East Barnby!  The week has flown by and the children have done so much. Despite the strong winds, the canoeists went out this morning and managed a full day canoeing, rafting up together and working as a team.  Other groups did shelter building and made hot chocolate on camp fires and the teams who were at Runswick Bay managed to find a variety of crabs, shell fish, fish and 5 lobsters: an East Barnby record!  

We have put some more photos below. 


All the children are looking forward to seeing their families tomorrow!