Starting School

 The admissions criteria for securing one of the 60 Reception Class places is as follows:

  1. Children with a statement of special educational needs which names the school.
  2. Children and young people in Public Care for whom the school has been expressed as a preference.
  3. Children the LEA believes have special social or medical reasons for admission.
  4. Children living within the normal area of the school.
  5. Children living outside the normal area of the school.

The LEA decides on out of catchment places.

If there are not enough places for all the children in one of these preference groups, the LEA will give priority first to those with brothers or sisters at the school and then to those living nearest the school. 

If there are not enough places for all those with brothers or sisters at the school, the LEA will give priority  to children living nearest the school.

Parents wishing to visit the school before their child starts should contact the school office for an appointment. In addition two Open Days are arranged for parents and children. In order to minimise the gap between home and school we have a “preparation for school” session. The children are gradually  brought into the life of the school and starting school becomes a natural step.

 In-Year Transfer

Should you wish your child to join Rossett Acre in the middle of the school year, parents should contact the Admissions office (telephone 01609 533679), where they will be advised if there is a place available and the process involved in transferring schools. Alternatively, please click on the link below which will take you to North Yorkshire County Council's Admissions page:

We do not hold a waiting list at our school, waiting lists and details of places available are held by the Admissions Office.

 Please click here to view the Catchment Map published by Admissions.