Rossett Acre School Uniform

So that no child feels singled out, it is expected that children wear school uniform. Details below:

For EYFS (Reception) only:

  • Black/grey school trousers or joggers (girls & boys)

This is our school preference to facilitate the curriculum requirements for EYFS, where a key area is physical development, and ensures children are comfortable and able to move freely. However you may, if you prefer, send your child in normal school uniform (see Years 1-6).


For Years 1-6:

  • Boys: grey long or short trousers.
  • Girls: Grey skirt or trousers (optional in the summer term: blue & white checked school dress).

For all years (boys & girls): These items are readily available from most high street shops.

  • White/light blue shirt or polo shirt
  • Navy blue/grey cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt (no logos except the school logo, please)
  • White/navy blue/grey socks or tights

Items with the school logo (eg sweatshirts, t-shirts, fleeces, bookbags etc) can be purchased directly from Emblazon (www.emblazon.biz or telephone 01423 223553 or call at the shop at 60 Tower Street, Harrogate).


Pupils should wear black or dark-coloured shoes, not trainers or bright-coloured footwear. Trainers can be provided as a change of footwear for outside (in addition to those sent in for PE), but inside the uniform policy for shoes must always be followed.


PE Kit
Each child should have a pair of P.E. shoes and shorts and a suitable top to wear during P.E. lessons. Tracksuits or warm clothing is needed for winter.
All clothing must be labelled and all children need a P.E. bag of the string-pull type to keep their kit in.

In school we have a ‘house system’ and each child when entering school will be allocated a team. T-shirts in the team colour can be worn for PE/Sports Day. Emblazon have t-shirts with house emblems on, if desired.


A large old shirt to be used as a painting overall should also be provided.


Policy on jewellery in school
No jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of small stud earrings and/or a watch. The description of small stud earrings will be decided by the Headteacher, whose decision is final. Earrings should be removed for P.E. and swimming. All children wearing earrings need to be able to take them out and replace them independently. Alternatively, your child should not wear earrings on P.E. or swimming days. The ideal time for having ears pierced would be at the beginning of the summer holidays, giving them time to heal.