Behaviour & Discipline


We expect high standards of behaviour at Rossett Acre so that the children are able to benefit from the high quality teaching and educational experiences which we offer.  We also aim to develop sensible confident children who will be well equipped to face the challenges and choices of life during and after their primary school years.

In order to maintain these high standards for continuous improvement in all areas of school life we have a whole school policy based on the principles of Restorative Practice.

We have agreed rules displayed around school which are referred to regularly.  They are:-

All children attending Rossett Acre are expected to

  • Be kind
  • Be polite
  • Be respectful
  • Be a good listener
  • Always do your best

These have been incorporated into a whole School Charter, which everyone associated with school is expected to adhere to: governors, staff, pupils, parents and visitors. For our Reception children, we have Sunshine Rules.


We provide constant and positive encouragement when behaviour is appropriate.